About us

ODEINED is a sportswear brand based in South Africa,which aims to establish itself as a key player in the new and emerging market sector of sportswear through celebrating Africa's cultural identities and diversities. Our target demographic are customers who aim to celebrate African heritage. Our core competency is to create an environment where we archive our own history and provide educational content about our heritage.

Our Values

[Archive]- Our priority is to document our own history,customs and cultures through the storytelling of our brand.

[Celebrate]- To pride ourselves in celebrating our own identities and our own heritage through our sportswear.

[Design]- Through the evolution and changing times of the world we live in, design has become an integral part of our brand.Our aim is to make sure that in terms of(constructing,deconstructing and re-constructing) heritage remains the key aspect of the brand.

[Collaboration]- Collaboration is important in ODEINED as it helps build this brand from different perspectives.